Sangeetha had a difficult start to life. From racism, to severe domestic violence to gender discrimination to being trapped in a burning building... there isn't a lot that she has not encountered.

She started life as a runaway, living in railway stations and bus stations, and her journey upwards and onwards has been singuarly tough. However, these experiences enabled her to learn coping mechanisms and survival skills that are easy to implement and quick to effect in everyday life.

She has, for serveral years now, been conducting workshops and working with people, individually, to offer them the same mechanisms to help them overcome their particular challenges. She does not charge for her services, however she does ask that her clients make a donation based on their resources to animal charities of her choosing. The idea being that the help is paid forward. She has worked with clients in India, UK, Australia, Middle East and Europe.


Sangeetha has a natural connection with people, a unique and wonderful ability to listen empathetically, without judgement, to provide support and perspective. From a different hemisphere, she carved out time to support me through a very dark period of my life and I am truly grateful for her friendship. She is a talented, inspiring, highly ethical and driven woman and is changing the world one conversation at a time.

Leonie SS, Australia

Life's way of connecting us with people and places are sometimes so blissful, that you wonder the possibility of its occurrence. I got to know Sangeetha through what she does best, her writing, wherein I found her Teabox Blogs. I adored her work and re-read it many times (still do); each of it was such a vivid portyal of my hometown, and it couldn't have been more accurate. But it was after meeting and conversing with her that I discovered the gentleness in her soul, which really reflected in her writing. She can work her way around your mind and inspire positivity without you knowing it, with confidence - inspiring frankness. She's more than willing to accommodate anyone into an already-busy schedule just to help you grow. She's a mentor whom I rely on. She does it freely and more remarkably she does it free.

Sreeram V, India.

Having had Sangeetha by my side through some of the most horrific and most helpless times of my life and that I am still standing strong today is no short recognition of her power of determining the root cause of our emotions. I enjoyed working with her as Sangeetha gets emotionally invested with you and practically and rationally fizzles away the flames. If you are looking for someone to relate to, someone to hold your hand and be your sounding board look no further than Sangeetha.

Shirley DS, UAE

Sangeetha is a natural healer with a lot of compassion and insights. She has this amazing ability to help one see their past scars and guide them to chart new pathways towards positive affirmations. She has the gift of listening and in her company you will feel heard and accepted with no judgement whatsoever.

Sangeetha N, UK

Words fail me when I have to describe Sangeetha Shinde, a deeply spiritual, self-made woman who is redefining the role of women in today's world. She has empowered all those she has taken under her wings - women, men, animals... I have been fortunate to have met her at a time when I was plagued by self-doubt and struggling with my own self worth, living in a society that looks down upon women who live life on their terms. I was unable to cope up with small town beliefs that were a complete non- acknowledgement of my own talents and skills; until Sangeetha entered my life and showed me how to accept me for who I am and helped me reclaim my power as a wife, a mother and a woman.
She mentored me, groomed me and lifted my spirits and empowered me in such a way that I was able to build back my self confidence and eventually win a crown as Mrs Nilgiris 2018 and be a finalist of Mrs India Worldwide 2019. I owe my crown and success to Sangeetha Shinde for without her I would have continued to exist as just another woman who forgot to dream, as opposed to living my life to the fullest as I do now. Today I continue to become the best version of myself through Sangeeta Shinde, who still stands strong with me in life's many challenges. You could not ask for a better friend to get you through the tough times.

Pooja SY, India

When you reach out to Sangeetha Shinde you get more than a counsellor - you get a friend. She has transformed my life from.a broken human to someone who can trust life again. I struggle with PTSD, depression, agoraphobia and a bunch of other things. Sangeetha has helped me face my inner demons and continues to do so. She has succeeded where other professionals in this field have failed, for she offers something few do - unconditional love and acceptance. Plus she has a sense of fun and can make you laugh at your own troubles. Few things heal better than that. Her own journey is a remarkable tale of survival and overcoming incredible odds, which in itself is powerful, deeply-enabling inspiration. It is my hope that everyone in the world gets to speak to her just once... it's a life changing experience.

Matthew R, UK

I cannot even begin to describe what an amazing and inspiring person Sangetha is. There were many times in my life where I just couldn't see past certain circumstances, but by the grace of god I had met Sangeetha by then. As strange as it sounds she travelled the path I was on, and she related to me at a very different level, it's not quite easy for everyone to comprehend what you're going through, but I can say one thing about Sangeetha without an iota of doubt, that she will give you all the time in the world just to listen to you. There were times when I was just ranting but she heard me through. Not only did she hear me through, she motivated me to change my perspective on a lot of things and as it turns out I am a living example of how well it worked out.
Today I can say, I'm at better place not only emotionally, but also professionally, only because I had Sangeetha stick by my side through thick and thin. Although many a times the things she told me about my own life were quite hard to digest, but as it turns out that was the harsh reality I was living in, and it took someone like her to help me identify and change things I never thought I could.

Rebecca T, India