Sangeetha has written three published books of short stories, and curated and edited a book of 16 stories from 'ordinary' Indian women. She has one novel currently with an agent in the US.

The Naked Indian Woman - AVAILABLE NOW!

This collective literary effort has taken the stories of 16 ‘everyday’ women from India – a housemaid, a lawyer, a divorcee, a doctor battling Covid-19, a single mother... It covers their most intimate stories in easy-to-read free verse.

It is time the voice of the common Indian woman got heard - with all the unique challenges she faces living in this cultural ecosystem, with all its attendant heartaches and joys, highs and lows. This is the voice of the unheard women of India. And they are speaking out bravely, without fear of shame or social ostracisation. They want to inspire other women – just ordinary, everyday women like themselves – to start speaking their truth by sharing their (often painful) histories and lifting the veil on the unspoken.

This anthology covers sexuality, societal judgement, divorce, education systems for women, domestic slavery, parental control and interference, in-laws and misogyny... It comprises powerful stories that tell of the hidden powerhouse that drives this nation. One that is finally breaking free of the chains that have kept them bound for as far back as any of us can remember.

These are the stories of the battles and triumphs of every Indian woman and this book is a salute to their everyday courage and resilience.

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The Book of Anglo Indian Tales

From dances, to country music, to mouth-watering cuisine, to the Indian Railways… follow the lives of the Anglo-Indian community of India in all their complex wonder. Monica falls in love with a boy from an orthodox Tamilian family, Anne and Angeline are abandoned by the men they trust, a school teacher takes his class out on a picnic, a military doctor recounts the tale of death and love, a young girl finally rebels against her overbearing mother, the shy school boy meets the love of his life and an old lady remembers her encounters with the otherworld… Betrayal, unrequited love, human aspiration and failure come full circle as the characters are united in friendship, music and shared journeys in a set of twelve interconnected stories that explore the human condition from the point of view of this enduring and unique community.

Spanning three decades, and set across the city of Chennai and the hill stations of the Nilgiris, discover a world where love, bobo curry and laughter triumph over sorrow, betrayal and regrets in an engaging and gentle read.

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A Moral Murder and Other Tales from the Blue Hills

A foreign tourist encounters a retired judge in a secluded part of the Nilgiris, who narrates a remarkable tale of happenings long ago... A resident of Coonoor saves a panther cub, and mysterious incidents follow... Two adolescent girls are the best of friends, until one fateful trip to Ooty changes it all...

This book has captured the magnificence of the Nilgiris in a way that very few authors can, a place that has thus far been relatively unsung in prose and verse, when compared to its northern counterparts. This book comprises ten exquisite tales some poignant, some nail-biting, some heartbreakingly real; each of them carry to the reader, the essence of The Blue Hills, its beauty, its flaws and its magic.

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A collection of six short stories inspired by the Jordanian capital city, Amman, and complemented by the photography of Zohrab, King Hussein's photographer of twenty years.

The book was commissioned by Rayajet and published in Jordan in 2009. It was distributed across the city in five star hotels, and across the network of Jordanian embassies.